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BR Equine carries specialty sticks and whips, high quality yachting ropes, reins, connection keepers and light lariats, all excellent for light and specific communication.

Flecht & Seilerei riding whip

Whips & Sticks - (IH)

Stick & String - 37" with 2' string $44.00
Long Lunge Whip - by Westfield Whip - 66" $38.00
In-Hand Linen Whip - by Westfield Whip - 60" Out of Stock $33.00
Riding Whip - by Westfield Whip - 48"Linen or black. Out of Stock $33.00
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LEAD Ropes - (IH) (DL) (MH)

Quality equipment is an essential part of our relationship with our horses. These ropes have been hand selected for their feel and clarity of communication. A solid black rope yachting of this quality is hard to find. It was selected for it's strength, flexibility, low stretch and extreme durability while remaining soft over time. The smaller diameters parred with the high qulity core really carries just the right amount of movement unlike typical lead ropes that are larger in diameter, bulky, and become water logged. All LEAD Ropes come with one finished loop end and a weighted leather popper end.

Color options
  • Lite 3/8": Available in Black.
  • Medium 7/16": Available in Black.
  • 1/2" Black Rope available by request.
LEAD Ropes Lite 3/8" Medium 7/16"
30' $57.00 $70.00
22' $48.00 $58.00
15' $35.00 $42.00


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BR Equine Lead Rope

Reins - (IH)

Made of the same high quality yachting rope used in the LEAD ropes, these reins offer the rider ease of use and clarity of communication with the horse.

Available in Black.
Reins Medium 7/16"
10' $35.00
9' $33.00
8' $31.00
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BR Equine Connection Keepers

Connection Keepers - (IH) (MH)

Connection Keepers are a rope connector to be used any place you might otherwise use a metal snap (reins, lead rope etc.). This is an advancing piece of equipment to keep communication light between horse and human. The keeper has a rope frame and a sliding knot lock to secure the connector in place. Made of premium quality yachting rope, these connectors are both attractive and secure. The colors offer a great way to identify your equipment in a barn or clinic or to identify different rope choices.
Available in black, forest green, blue, yellow, tan, pink, purple, red, and gray.


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BR Equine Assorted Lariats

Lariats - (IH)

Using different tools is key when developing your skills and keeping it interseting for the horse. Ropes of all kinds are an important part of our horsemanship, they are responsible for delivering our message. In choosing a rope, it is very important that it sends exactly what you mean to your horse. Just go to any tack store and you'll be amazed at how many ropes don't send a good message, or any message at all.

Lariats are a really nice option giving you lightness, faster control up or down in energy, and at 28 feet they give you that little bit more in length. These were hand selected to offer a lighter feel than most lariats. They are also awesome as long lines, so you might want to order 2.

Lariats come with a leather connector; however, you can use a clip or a Connection Keeper (sold separately). Both are proudly hand made by a small family business in Texas.

Available in Natural, Salmon, and Sky Blue


"These ropes really impress me, and all my horses give it a thumbs up. The ropes and the leather connector are custom designed to meet my requirements." - Aimee Brimhall McCord

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BR Equine Cavesson Connector colors BR Equine Cavesson Connector tied to string BR Equine Cavesson actual size

Cavesson Connectors - (IH)

Cavesson Connectors are a rope connector which is designed to attach to the nose band of a well-fitting rope or leather head piece to duplicate the function of a Cavesson.

  • By starting at the very front of the horse, the Cavesson Connector supports forward motion, showing the horse the way. It is great for young horses learning to move!
  • Connects to the whole spine through the skull attachment rather than the jaw and underline
  • Supports the horse to discover a lengthened topline while helping them to find self-carriage
  • Allows attachment to the rope halter which, unlike a traditional Cavesson (which has a tight noseband), discourages yawning and licking/chewing---which are essential for a released poll, TMJ and Hyoid
  • Helps horses that have learned to pull or lean to instead discover a release through their poll and neck, supporting lightness and relaxation!
  • Supports correct bend if used with more contact, even when the rope has more slack.

Available in black, brown, gray, red, and tan

$4 each

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